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Sep 20 Real Time Presentation Service from Money Maker Ma

Sep 25 Columbus Socialism Forum -- Why You Should Vote So

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Cleveland ABC: Cleveland ABC is Working on Building The Community 12/03/2008
Midwest Wobfest: IWW Midwest Wobfest November 8-9 11/05/2008
celve IMC Update: Cleveland Indymedia Update 11/02/2008
Police State Declared October 1st, 2008: Police State Declared October 1st, 2008 10/17/2008
Bail Out Protest: Protest Bail Out & Endless Wars 10/07/2008
AARA Conf: The 14th Annual Anti-Racist Action Network Conference 10/07/2008
Racism in the Law Everywhere: New Statement on the situation in Toledo: Racism in the Law Everywhere: New Statement on the Situation in Toledo 10/08/2007
Comfest Satuday Ends in Radical Street Demo: Comfest Ends in Radical Street Demo 06/25/2007
Students Walk Across America For Peace: Students Walk Across America For Peace 06/24/2007
Botched Execution Angers Ohio Abolitionists: Botched Execution Angers Ohio Abolitionists 06/10/2007
CIA Disappeared 7 Year Old Children: CIA Disappeared 7 & 9 Year Old Children 06/09/2007
End Israeli Occupation National March: End The Israeli Occupation of Palestine
National March Sunday June 10th
Cindy Sheehan Takes a Step Back: Open Letters to the Anti-War Movement and Congress: Cindy Sheehan Takes a Step Back: Open Letters to the Anti-War Movement and Congress 05/30/2007
G8 Protests: No To Imperialist Globalization!: Protests Against G8 Summit in Germany 05/28/2007
Report back from Painesville- immigrants raids and protest: Report back from Painesville- Immigrants Raids and Protest 05/26/2007
Proposed Nuclear Waste Site in Southern Ohio: Proposed Nuclear Waste Site in Southern Ohio 05/17/2007
Oral Arguments for Mumia Abu Jamal May 17th: Oral Arguments for Mumia Abu Jamal May 17th 05/16/2007
Origin of Violence in Virginia: On The Origin of Violence in Virginia 04/27/2007
Northeast Ohio: Step it Up!: Northeast Ohio: Step it Up! 04/16/2007
Anti-Racist Action Holds : Anti-Racist Action Holds "Free Palestine" Rally at Wayne State in Detroit 04/08/2007
Assault on Resurrection City: Assault on Resurrection City! The Struggle Continues. 04/05/2007
Ocampo Freed: Rep. Satur Ocampo Freed in Philippines 04/05/2007
Mumia's Appeal: Oral Arguments Set For Mumia Abu Jamal's Appeal 04/05/2007
Sami Al-Arian: US Political Prisoner: Sami Al-Arian: US Political Prisoner 04/02/2007
Native Youth Movement: Native Youth Movement Rising Up 03/23/2007
Elementary School Threatened By Coal Pollution: Elementary School Threatened By Coal Pollution 03/18/2007
Is Iran Next? : Is Iran Next? What Can the Average Person Do to Stop a New War With Iran? 03/17/2007
Ending Impunity : Ending Impunity For Violence Against Women and Girls 03/14/2007
Mandatory Drug Sentencing:: Mandatory Drug Sentencing: The Devil's Fun 03/12/2007
200 hour anti-war protest : 200 Hour Anti-War Vigil Begins in Downtown Cleveland. 03/09/2007
Speak Out Against the FCC: Speak Out Against the FCC 03/05/2007
Nationwide Protests: Nationwide Protests Against Proposed Coal Power Plants 03/02/2007
Barricade the War Machine: Pittsburgh Action Group Shuts Down the National Robotics Engineering Center 03/02/2007
valentine's flowers: Remembering Where Flowers Come from on Valentine's Day 02/14/2007
US War Crimes in Iraq: US War Crimes in Iraq 02/11/2007
Behind The Watada Mistrial: The Story Behind The Watada Mistrial 02/11/2007
Big Demonstrations Rock Haiti: Haitians Demand End to UN Occupation, Prisoners' Freedom, Return of Aristide 02/11/2007
FBI Web Snooping: FBI Snooping - "Full Pipe Recording" - Worse Than "Carnivore" 02/11/2007
Smoke and Mirrors:: Smoke and Mirrors: Mittal Steel's Playbook to Cover Up Their Pollution 02/08/2007
Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca: Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca Take Over 02/08/2007
PEACE VIDEO: Greg Jones's Musical Message For World Peace 01/30/2007
Death Penalty:: Death Penalty: Recent News and Facts 01/24/2007
Tlacolula Prisoners: Tlacolula Prisoners in Oaxaca Demand Freedom 01/15/2007
Thursday Actions: Thursday Actions in Cleveland 01/13/2007
Fawaz Damra Disappeared: Imam Fawaz Damra 'Disappeared' by US agents 01/08/2007
Prisoner Hunger Strike!: Prisoner Hunger Strike! 01/08/2007
Steelworkers End Strike at Goodyear: Steelworkers End Strike at Goodyear 12/31/2006
Dead Splatboi x 3000: As the 3000th Admitted Dead US Troop Arrives With the New Year, Protests Continue 12/30/2006
Navajo Resistance: Navajo Resistance in New Mexico 12/19/2006
Iraq Stunky Group: Bipartisan Funk, Confusion and Imperial Arrogance. More Troops? 12/17/2006
December 7th:: December 7th: One Year Anniversary of the Green Scare 12/11/2006
December 7th:: December 7th: One Year Anniversary of the Green Scare 12/11/2006
Mumia Abu Jamal:: Mumia Abu-Jamal: His Last Chance at Freedom? 12/11/2006
USLAW Cleveland March: Images of US Labor Against the War March in Cleveland 12/03/2006
US Labor Against The War Organizes Cleveland Conference, Demonstration: US Labor Against The War National Conference, Demonstration in Cleveland December 1-3 11/27/2006
Malachi burns himself alive to protest Iraq war: Malachi Burns Himself Alive To Protest Iraq War 11/18/2006
Taser Torture At UCLA: Taser Torture At UCLA: Incapacitating A Person To Get Them To Move ? 11/18/2006
SOA Protests: Cleveland Supports Annual Protest Against 'School of the Americas' 11/18/2006
Palestine Unites Us - Declaration of the Cleveland Preparatory Meeting: Palestine Unites Us - Towards the first Popular Palestinian National Conference in the US: 11/18/2006
National Palestinian American Meeting to take place in November in Cleveland, Ohio: National Palestinian American Meeting to take place in November in Cleveland, Ohio 11/05/2006
Indymedia Volunteer Killed: NYC Indymedia volunteer Brad WIll, Esteban Zurrita Lopez, and Emilio Alonso Fabian killed in attack by Paramilitaries in Oaxaca 10/27/2006
Great Lakes Under Attack: Great Lakes Under Attack 10/23/2006
Kaboom! Ammo Dump Blows: Iraqi Resistance Blows Up Huge Ammo Dump,
Casualties: "Who Knows?"
UPRISE Tour in Cleveland Along with Amy Goodman: UPRISE Tour in Cleveland Along with Amy Goodman 10/19/2006
Bipartisan Smell of Sulfur?: Senate Candidate Sherrod Brown of Ohio Capitulates to Bush and Approves Torture 10/3/2006
WCW Cleveland Action October 5th:

Thursday, October 5th, Cleveland Action,
The World Can't Wait - Drive Out The Bush Regime!
Bookstore on West 25th Turns 30: Bookstore on West 25th Turns 30 9/25/2006
Just Little Devil, But Still the Smell of Sulfur: Blackwell Sued Over Denial of Voting Rights 09/24/2006
Wheels of Justice National Tour:

'Wheels of Justice' Tour Visits Cleveland
And the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today.: Hugo Chavez at the UN 9/22/2006
Carlos Jones WCW ad: World Can't Wait Spot Ad from Carlos Jones 09/12/2006
Black Flag Opperations: Is Your Government Telling You the Truth?: Black Flag Operations: Is Your Government Telling You the Truth? 9/11/2006
Hasan Shakur’s Last Words Were of the Struggle: Hasan Shakur’s Last Words Were of the Struggle 9/4/2006
Catholic Workers Arrested at Cleveland Air Show: Catholic Workers Arrested at Cleveland Air Show 9/3/2006
"They Have No Bread? Let Them Eat Cake!": We're Number 1! Cleveland Supplants Detroit as Poorest Big City in US 08/29/2006
Hasan Shakur: Hasan Shakur Has an Execution Date of August 31 8/21/2006
As Bush Signs: As Bush Signs Away the Constitution... 8/21/2006
Report Back from Aug 12 DC: August 12th March On Washington D.C. -

Peace In Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon:

Report Back
Dr Falah Is Free!: Dr Falah Has Been Freed By the Israeli Authorities 07/30/2006
The Ring of Blame: The Cuyahoga County Board of Election and The Ring of Blame 07/29/2006
Israel Arrests Geography Professor from the University of Akron: Israel Arrests Geography Professor from the University of Akron 7/27/2006
Israeli Filmmakers Publicly Oppose Olmert Regime: Israeli Filmmakers Publicly Oppose Olmert Regime 7/22/2006
10,000 In Detroit Protest: 10,000 In Street Against Israel in Dearborn, MI 7/20/2006
Cleveland Protest Friday For Palestine, Against Israel: PROTEST ISRAELI ATTACKS & CUYAHOGA COUNTY BUYING ISRAEL BONDS 07/19/2006
Save the Boreal Forest: Save the Boreal Forest, Help the Grassy Narrows First Nations People 7/17/2006
79 Palestinians killed in the period between June 6 and June 12: 79 Palestinians killed in the period between June 6 and June 12 7/13/2006
Code Pink:: Code Pink: Troops Home Fast 7/10/2006
In Memoriam: In Memoriam - Abeer Qasim a-Janabi August 19, 1991 - March 12, 2006 07/10/2006
Gaza Violence: Gaza and the Treason of the International Community 07/09/2006
Release follows Unjust Persecution: CAROL FISHER RELEASED FROM JAIL! 7/7/2006
Lowlife Scum Story: John Forman Union Buster - posted in Cleveland's Scene Magazine 07/05/2006
Bear Butte: Bear Butte, Sacred Mountain of Traditional Native People in Danger 7/3/2006
Caravan To Cuba: Caravan To Cuba on its Way 7/3/2006
Medical Professionals Ask OSU: Medical Professionals Ask OSU To Stop Its Torture 6/23/2006
Major Flooding: Major Flooding in Greater Cleveland Area 6/26/2006
WMD Found in North Dakota: WMD Found in North Dakota: Disarmament Begins 6/21/2006
Listen Up Ohio: "See Something, Say Something" is Here: Listen Up Ohio: "See Something, Say Something" is Here 6/19/2006
Black on Black Protests Police Brutality and Lack of Justice: Black on Black Protests Police Brutality and Lack of Justice 6/19/2006
FTA with South Korea: U.S. FTA with South Korea: NO WAY! 6/19/2006
Parade the Circle: Parade the Circle Surprise 06/12/2006
Carol sentenced: Defiant Carol Fisher, Sentenced to 2 months in Jail 06/08/2006
greenscare: Resistance Against the Green Scare 06/05/2006
Malik Shabazz's birthday: Malik Shabazz's Birthday (aka "Malcolm X") 5/20/2006
Kent State - 36th Commemoration: Kent State: Remembering May 4th, Carrying On the Struggle 05/06/2006
San Salvador Atenco: Continuing Struggle Aginst Violent Repression in SAN SALVADOR ATENCO, MEXICO 05/06/2006
Janis Karpinski: Janis Karpinski and James Yee to speak at Case 05/01/2006
May Day: May First Is International Workers' Day 04/30/2006
Carol Fisher Convicted: Carol Fisher Convicted For Resisting Arrest, No Underlying Charge 04/30/2006
University of Miami (Florida) Campus Workers' Struggle and Hunger Strike: University of Miami (Florida) Workers' Organizing Struggle & Hunger Strike 04/22/2006
Indigenous People Resist Seizure of Lands in Ontario: Indigenous People Resist Seizure of Lands in Ontario 04/22/2006
People not mascots: People Not Mascots
immigrants: Immigrant Rights Actions: April 10th - Second Wave 04/14/2006
Deaf/Blind Sit-In: Deaf & Deaf-Blind Protesters Stage Sit-In At Westlake Doctor's Office 03/20/2006
Daechuri Evictiions: S. Korean Troops Violently Evict 1,300 People For Expansion Of US Army Base - Residents Attacked 03/19/2006
State of Emergency in the Philippines: State of Emergency in the Philippines 02/25/2006
Portland IMC releases "Eye of the Storm" Video Using Actual Police Footage: Portland IMC releases "Eye of the Storm" Video Using Actual Police Footage 02/25/2006
Ted Strickland's message to Latinos: Ted Strickland speaks of regret for HB 4437 vote. 02/17/2006
Pest On The Move: Bush Infestation To Strike Ohio 02/12/2006
Cleveland-Area Grannies to Stage Mass Enlistment in Effort to Bring the Troops Home: Cleveland-Area Grannies to Stage Mass Enlistment in Effort to Bring the Troops Home 02/10/2006
Clevelander Brutalized and Arrested for Postering "Bush Step Down": Clevelander Brutalized and Arrested for Postering "Bush Step Down" 01/29/2006
Bush Step Down: Bring On The Noise! Bush Step Down! 01/29/2006
Shutting Down The Michigan Independent Media Center: Shutting Down The Michigan Independent Media Center 01/27/2006
NO WTO Hong Kong Protests: Protests Shake Already Shaky
WTO meet in Hong Kong
Nazi Scum Confronted in Toledo, Ohio....Again: Gettin' Tired of the Fake Nazis Comin' 'Round 12/11/2005
Malik: CANCELLED ! Malik Rahim To Speak In Cleveland This Monday 12/08/2005
Kaboom!: Iraqi Resistance Videos Show US Troops Being Annihilated 12/04/2005
Buy Nothing Day: 11/24/2005
SOA Watch - Mass Convergence at Ft. Benning, Georgia: Thousands to Rally to Demand - Closure of Controversial US Army Training School this Weekend 11/18/2005
airhart: "Disturbing the War"-
Hands off Dave Airhart!
Riots in France: Riots in France and Our Solidarity 11/08/2005
world can't wait: 10/31/2005
2000 troops killed: Events to Mark the Killing of 2000 US Occupiers in Iraq 10/25/2005
ACORN wins demands on lead clean-up: ACORN Wins Demands On Lead Clean-Up 10/24/2005
Oct 22 police brutality: October 22 - National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality,
Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation
Toledo Erupts into Insurrection in Response to Nazis: Toledo Erupts into Insurrection in Response to Nazis 10/16/2005
neonazis toledo: Call to Action Against Neo-Nazis in Toledo 10/14/2005
abortion demo: Pro-choice demonstrators voice opposition to Roberts, Ohio anti-abortion legislations 10/03/2005
Another Victim at the Hand of Cleveland Police: Another Victim at the Hand of Cleveland Police 10/03/2005
steelyard: Cleveland's Steelyard Secrets 10/03/2005
Cleveland's Newest Community Center C-Space Holds Silent Art Auction: Cleveland's Newest Community Center C-Space Holds Silent Art Auction 09/30/2005
sept 24th and after: Report-Backs from September 24th 09/25/2005
assassinated: Philippine Labor Leader Assassinated in Cold Blood 09/23/2005
Sept24: Cleveland Mobilizes for September 23-26 IMF/World Bank Protests in D.C. 09/20/2005
Sept.15: Protest Ariel Sharon at the United Nations, NYC: Sept.15: Protest Ariel Sharon at the United Nations, NYC 9/14/2005
carlos jones: Download Reggae Anti-War Originals by Carlos Jones 09/13/2005
Camp Casey: "Camp Casey" Bus Tours Ohio: Military Families Speak Out Against Iraqi War/Occupation 09/11/2005
Genocide in New Orleans: Genocide in New Orleans 9/2/2005
Anti-Recruitment Tasers: Counter-Recruitment Demonstrators Shot By Tasers, Bitten By Dog 08/28/2005
: 8/23/2005
mountain blockade: Tennessee Mountain Blockaded to Stop Its Removal. Arrests. 08/15/2005
Woman removes shirt in act of civil disobedience: Womyn Removes Shirt in Act of Civil Disobedience, Gets Fine, and Exposes Sexist Laws 08/14/2005
Anti-Recruitment: Anti-Recruitment Group Voices Opposition in Lakewood 08/08/2005
acorn: ACORN Presents "Slumlord of the Year" Awards 08/03/2005
NAFTA: NAFTA's Devastating Impact on Ohio 08/03/2005
Nike Protest in Akron: Akron Residents Demonstrate Against Nike at Perkins Park Dedication 08/02/2005
Intel Supports Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine: Intel Supports Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine 08/01/2005
Promise Keepers: Clevelanders Serve Up Unfriendly Welcome to Religious Right 07/31/2005
haiti: Massacres of Civilians by UN Troops in Haiti Draw Worldwide Protests 07/20/2005
SEIU Rally In Mentor: SEIU Rally In Mentor 07/18/2005
Forum On Police Brutality Akron: Forum On Police Brutality To Be Held In Akron 07/16/2005
taserdeath: "Non-Lethal" Tasers Claim Nearly 100 Lives and Injure Many 02/23/2005
PD Censorship: Plain Dealer Withholds Investigative Stories Under Fear of Prosecution 07/12/2005
July 4th Guerilla Theater in Akron: July 4th Guerilla Theater in Akron 07/07/2005
G 8 Summit Links: G 8 Summit Links 07/03/2005
HB 151: House Bill 151 Eliminates Protection from Abusive Police "Stop and Searches" 05/29/2005
Stop Wal-Mart in Cleveland: Cleveland Communities and Residents Oppose Wal-Mart Coming to Our City 05/22/2005
Cleveland Indymedia Center Social: Cleveland Indymedia Center Social 05/18/2005
al-awda founding: Cleveland Al-Awda Founding Meeting 05/16/2005 5/11/2005
Cleveland IMC meeting: Cleveland Indymedia Monthly Meeting 05/06/2005
May Day 2005: 05/01/2005
Pope Nazi: Italian Government Tries to Suppress this pic on Italy.Indymedia 04/30/2005
-----: 04/30/2005
Akron Police Assault Public Access: Local TV Producer Brutally Beaten by Akron Police 04/26/2005
Warren Police Brutality Video Evidence: Warren Police Brutality Video Evidence 04/18/2005
Keith McHenry Speaks at Oberlin College: Keith McHenry Will Speak at Oberlin 4/11/2005
wruw telethon: WRUW ANNUAL FUNDRAISER 04/04/2005
Take Back The Night: CWRU Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance Presents: Take Back the Night 2005 03/26/2005
Cleveland Postal Workers Protest Cuts: Cleveland Postal Workers Protest Cuts 3/18/2005
Who Are Forster and Lofquist: Who Are Forster and Lofquist and Why Are They Doing Those Terrible Things to Cleveland? 03/25/2005
ANWR: Congress Opens Arctic Reserve (ANWR) For Oil Drilling 03/19/2005
iraq: Iraq: 2 Years After the Second War Waged 03/15/2005
Bolton Ambassador: Bush Appoints Right-Wing Extremist as UN Ambassador 03/12/2005
ESOP: ESOP Joins Partnership to Preserve Homeownership in Cleveland 03/11/2005
abortionaction: National Day of Appreciation For Abortion Providers March 10th 03/09/2005
IWD: International Womyns Day 03/08/2005
balancedcircle: University Circle Activists Advocate For a Balanced Circle While Institutions Rethink 03/04/2005
CIW: Taco Bell Truth Tour Rolls into Ohio 03/02/2005
Projectionists: Cleveland Cinema Excludes Projectionist Union from Film Fest After 28 Years of Service 03/01/2005
Morozova Asylum: Russian Linking Putin to 1999 Terrorist Attacks Granted Asylum; Bush Uses as Political Tool 03/01/2005
FNB: Cleveland Food Not Bombs under attack! 01/27/2005
Dahrfeb8: Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches 02/15/2005
OhioPatriotAct: Senate Passes Ohio Patriot Act 02/15/2005
taserdeath: "Non-Lethal" Tasers Claim Nearly 100 Lives 02/23/2005
Senate Bill 24: Senate Bill 24 Threatens Free Speech at Ohio Colleges 02/23/2005
policebrutality: Police Brutality Plagues Our World, The Epidemic Has Spread Into Our Communities 02/16/2005
Goiania: Repression, Mourning and Protest in Goiania 02/18/2005
Lynne Stewart: In Response to the Lynne Stewart Guilty Verdict: Interview With Attorney Terry Gilbert 02/15/2005
noteofrefresh: 02/16/2005
CI DC: DC Counterinaugural Update 02/13/2005
counterinaugural update: DC Counterinaugural Update 01/20/2005
counter-inaugural: Protest the Spectacle of the Parasites 01/16/2005
Cimc meeting: General Cleveland Indymedia Center Meeting 12/17/2004
Iraq Dahr Interview: Unembedded in Iraq 12/15/2004
stop war rally 121104: STOP THE WAR AGAINST IRAQ
Northeast Ohio Rally
Saturday Noon, Cleveland
JCU sexual violence: Students Confront Violence on Their Campus 12/07/2004
missingrally: Rally for Families of Missing Children and Adults 12/01/2004
Gay Equality Protest Set for Dec. 2: As "Ohio Marriage Amendment" Takes Effect, Many Gather in Cleveland 11/29/2004
Boycott Cedar Lee Cinema: Boycott Cedar Lee Cinema 11/29/2004
Buy Nothing Day: Friday, November 26th 11/21/2004
SOA: 16,000 Gather to Protest the Infamous "School of the Americas" at Fort Benning, Georgia 11/21/2004
Tim Wise: Tim Wise speaks on racism, anti-oppression group forming 11/16/2004
Arielcleve: Zionist War Criminal Ariel Sharon to Speak in Cleveland Sunday, Nov 14th. Protests Planned. 11/09/2004
N2F: November 2 Election Day 11/02/2004
N3: Ohio reacts November 3 11/02/2004
NEMA: 10/25/2004
stelephant: "See the Elephant!" video screening in Cleveland 10/25/2004
o22: National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality 10/21/2004
gaza escalation: Israel Continues Slaughter in Gaza; EU Condemns 10/13/2004
Michele Swensen: Local Patriot Act Victim Calls For Support 10/12/2004
our bodies: “Our Bodies, Our Choice” 10/11/2004
oberlin unions: Hundreds Rally in Support of Oberlin Union as Contract Negotiations Continue 10/10/2004
short VP debate: Vice Presidential Debate in Cleveland 09/15/2004
community radio: Community Radio Stations Targeted by Feds 10/08/2004
high school army: Military Recruiters Invade Bowling Green High School Classes 10/08/2004
Deep Dish: "Shocking and Awful - A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation" 09/14/2004
poorest city: Woe is Cleveland, City Named Poorest in U$ 09/08/2004
DNC: 07/19/2004
RNC Update: THE PERFECT STORM: New York Gets Ready for the Republican National Convention 07/11/2004
Stop the Wall: Justice For Palestine! Stop the Wall! 07/08/2004
Gentrification: Tremont Says "NO!" To Gentrification 06/09/2004
Guadalajara: Repression Follows Protests at Guadalajara Summit 05/31/2004
AMC: Allied Media Conference 06/17/2004
Cleveland 5: "Cleveland 5" at the State Supreme Court, Wednesday, May 26, 2004 05/26/2004
Naxalbari: Its Naxalbari Day! 05/23/2004
Wheels of Justice: Wheels of Justice Tour Rolls Into Cleveland 05/16/2004
Organize Ohio: Community & Groups meet to "Organize Ohio", create "The Peoples Platform" 04/17/2004
Food-Not-Bombs Rustbelt: Food-Not-Bombs Gears up for Rustbelt Gathering 04/24/2004
Convention Protests: Convention Protests to Shake the Empire 04/26/2004
Wahoo and Racism: The Struggle To Remove Racist Imagery Continues 04/06/2004
Film Showing: From Danger: From Danger to Dignity: The Fight for Safe Abortion 04/02/2004
Global 2: Cincy: Global 2: A Conference on the World Economy 04/01/2004
TBTN: Annual Take Back the Night Week 03/26/2004
Dahr Jamail: M24 IMC: Dahr Jamail Spoke About His Experience Covering the Missing Stories of Iraqis Under Occupation 03/23/2004
M20: No U.S. Occupation of Iraq 03/15/2004
Global Womyn's Strike: 5th Global Womyn's Strike 03/05/2004
Haitian Coup: Haiti: US Orchestrates Coup, Kidnaps Aristide 03/03/2004
Free Trade Loss: "Free Trade" Destroys 45,000+ Ohio Jobs 02/19/2004
Ohio Gay Marriage Ban: Ohio passes Homophobic Gay Marriage Ban 02/11/2004
Global Warming: Perspectives on Global Warming : A Primer 02/02/2004
National Day of Solidarity: National Day of Solidarity 01/29/2004
Cleveland Schools: Cleveland Schools, Crooked Superintendent, Wicked Mayor, and our Youth 01/27/2004
Apartheid Wall: Thomas Hurndall: 01/15/2004
Media Literacy: Media Literacy Guide: A Guide for Teachers 01/12/2004
Year of Protest: Captured Memories Year of Protest in Cleveland 01/05/2004
Public Housing in Tremont: Public Housing to be Demolished in Tremont 01/08/2004
NION Conference: Consequences of Global Empire and the People's Response 01/06/2004
Diebold Elections: Diebold Under Fire for Faulty Voting Machines 12/28/2003
Call for writers: 07/11/2003
MASS MEDIA: Sut Jhally's critical analysis of the mass media 12/17/2003
LOCAL VIOLENT CRIMES: While Cleveland Mourns Shakira's Death, Questions Remain 24/10/2003
ANTI-GLOBALIZATION: From Cleveland To California, Thousands Prepare For November FTAA Protest 19/10/2003
POLICE BRUTALITY: Clevelanders Prepare For October 22nd Protest To Stop Police Brutality 19/10/2003
BOLIVIA: Bolivian Insurrection Continues 18/10/2003
CITY CORRUPTION: Entrenched Akron Mayor violates campaign financing law 14/10/2003
IMMIGRANT LABOR: Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Coming to Cleveland 25/09/2003
LOCAL TRIALS: Local Trials Continue 17/09/2003
PUBLIC HEALTH: Local Residents Protest Mosquito Spraying 15/09/2003
RACISM: Civil Rights Activists Call for an End to the Racist Chief Wahoo 12/09/2003
OHIO ECONOMY: Ohio Workers Battered by Economic Recession, Study Shows 06/09/2003
LOCAL PROTEST: Protesters Condemn Bush And His Energy Bill 03/09/2003
LOCAL POWER OUTAGE: FirstEnergy, Then The World! 24/08/2003
LOCAL ANTI-WAR: Lee Puts Cleveland On Trial Sept. 17 02/08/2003
INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER: "You got it Indy!" 03/07/2003
CHENEY IN AKRON: The Biggest "Dick" In The World Came To Akron 01/07/2003
ANTI-WAR ACTIVISM: May 4th Activist Trials Begin in Kent 22/06/2003
TOM RIDGE IN CLEVELAND: Homeland Security Czar Tom Ridge Coming to Cleveland 17/06/2003
LOCAL LABOR: Clevelanders Rally in Support of Janitors 10/06/2003
PALESTINE/ISRAEL: Palestinian Oppression Continues Despite "Road Map" to Peace 05/06/2003
MEDIA DEREGULATION: FCC Approves New Broadcast Ownership Airwaves-Grab 03/06/2003
G8 PROTESTS: Fire on the Lake in Evian, France 31/05/2003
ALTERNATIVE FILM: CorpOrNation: Story of Citizens and Corporations in Ohio 25/05/2003
PALESTINE/ISRAEL: Israel Cracks Down on ISM Activists 16/05/2003
KENT STATE: The Aftermath of Kent State Action 05/05/2003
pRESIDENTIAL VISIT: Resident Bush Invades Ohio 22/04/2003
INTERNATIONAL: ISM Palestine Truth Tour visits 10/04/2003
LOCAL ANTIWAR: Peace Signs flashed, Old Glory waved, Punches Thrown 08/04/2003
LOCAL ANTIWAR: Cleveland Protests Take to Streets, 5 arrested 28/03/2003
LOCAL ANTIWAR: NOAC Holds Town Meeting 27/03/2003
MORE PROTESTERS ARRESTED: Two Arrested During M24 March 25/03/2003
PEOPLE DETAINED: Protesters Taken from the Market 22/03/2003
WAR ESCALATES: 21/03/2003
AREA ANTI-WAR: The War on Terror... and The Response 20/03/2003
ANTI-WAR JAM: Toyko Storm Warning Jams Downtown 20/03/2003
LOCAL: Scalia, receives award from City Club; Bans Media 20/03/2003
WAR: AGAIN BUT BIGGER: Another War Brought to You by BU$H, Inc. 19/03/2003
Independent Media Center: 17/03/2003
PALESTINE: INT`L ACTIVIST KILLED: American ISM activist killed by Israeli Bulldozer 16/03/2003
AREA ANTIWAR: Akron peace movement censored TWICE 15/03/2003
CONTINUING ANTI-WAR COVERAGE: March 5, Iraq War Moratorium 05/03/2003
STATE-WIDE ANTI-WAR: Columbus rejects peace resolution 28/02/2003
GLOBAL: ANTI-WAR: F15 World Says No! to War 16/02/2003
SEXUAL VIOLENCE: Confronting Sexual Violence 02/02/2003
CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION: Cleveland City Council unanimously passes anti-war resolution 28/01/2003
2004 ELECTION: Dennis Kucinich announces Presidential Bid 23/01/2003
IMMIGRANT DETENTIONS: Protest: Immigrant Registration & Detentions 10/01/2003
The Cleveland IMC is Official!!
ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT: NE Ohio Activist Visits Palestine 28/12/2002
VIDEO TESTIMONY: Cleveland Activist to face trial for SOA Protest 28/12/2002
ANTI-WAR MARCHES & RALLY: 1000 People Take to Streets, Oppose War on Iraq 16/11/2002
CLEVELANDERS OPPOSE POLICE BRUTALITY: Over a hundred people turn out to oppose police brutality 24/10/2002
PEACE MOVEMENT: Northeast Ohioans Vigil for Peace 13/10/2002
DAVIS-BESSE NUCLEAR PLANT RE-OPENING: The Nulcear Plant with a Hole in its' Head 11/10/2002
CINCINNATI PROTESTS BUSH: Thousands Protest Bush in Cincinnati 11/10/2002
LOCAL, NATIONAL, GLOBAL: 911 ONE YEAR LATER: A Global Cry for Peace 12/09/2002
OHIO FOREST ACTIVISM: Public Hearing Sept. 19 for permit to undermine Dysart Woods 12/09/2002

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