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333 Israeli Academics Support Those Who Refuse to Serve
by signers Sunday September 14, 2003 at 06:38 AM

We, faculty members from a number of Israeli universities, wish to express our appreciation and support for those of our students and lecturers who refuse to serve as soldiers in the occupied territories. Such service too often involves carrying out orders that have no place in a democratic society founded on the sanctity of human life.

333 Israeli Academic...
refuse550us2vco.gif, image/gif, 125x114

We, faculty members from a number of Israeli universities, wish to express our appreciation and support for those of our students and lecturers who refuse to serve as soldiers in the occupied territories. Such service too often involves carrying out orders that have no place in a democratic society founded on the sanctity of human life.

For thirty five years an entire people, some three and a half million in number, have been held without basic human rights. The occupation and oppression of another people have brought the State of Israel to where it is today.

Without an Israeli declaration of an end to the occupation, accompanied by appropriate action--unilateral, if necessary--the present war is not being fought for our home but for the settlements beyond the green line and for the continued oppression of another people.

We hereby express our readiness to do our best to help students who encounter academic, administrative or economic difficulties as a result of their refusal to serve in the territories. We call on the University community at large to support them.

Faculty members who wish to join are welcome to contact Anat Biletzki.

This letter is being updated. So far, 333 faculty members have signed it.

# Name Faculty University
1 Zivia Industrial Design Bezalel Academy
2 Zach Adam Botany, Rehovot Hebrew University
3 Amotz Agnon Geology Hebrew University
4 Ofer Aharony Physics Weizman Institute
5 Gadi Algazi History Tel-Aviv University
6 Colman Altman Physics Technion
7 Daniel Amit Physics Hebrew University
8 Yael Amitai Health Sciences Ben-Gurion University
9 Benjamin Arbel History Tel-Aviv University
10 Mira Ariel Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
11 Anat Ariel Anthropology Haifa University
12 Mordecai Arieli Education Tel-Aviv University
13 Arie Arnon Economics Ben-Gurion University
14 Aharon Atzmon Mathematics Tel-Aviv University
15 Irit Averbuch Eastern Asia Tel-Aviv University
16 Yair Avigdor Architecture and Urban Planning Bezalel Academy
17 Arnon Avron Computer Sciences Tel-Aviv University
18 Shalom Baer Chemistry Hebrew University
19 Yuval Baer Architecture Bezalel Academy
20 Uri Bar-Joseph International Relations Haifa University
21 Ron Barkai History Tel-Aviv University
22 Anat Barnea Special Ed./Sciences Gordon College of Education - Haifa
23 Danny Bar-On Behavioral Sciences Ben-Gurion University
24 Outi Bat-El Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
25 Yair Bauml Eastern Asia Haifa University
26 Malachi Beit-Arie Paleography Hebrew University
27 Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi Psychology Haifa University
28 Avner Ben-Amos Education Tel-Aviv University
29 Matania Ben-Artzi Mathematics Hebrew University
30 Shmuel Ben-Dor Behavioral Sciences Ben-Gurion University
31 Eyal Ben-Dov Photography Bezalel Academy
32 Ziva Ben-Porat Literature Tel-Aviv University
33 Sigal Ben-Porath Education Tel-Aviv University
34 Danny Ben-Shahar Arison School of Business Interdisciplinary Center
35 Gershon Ben-Shakhar Psychology Hebrew University
36 Shlomo Bentin Psychology and Neural Computation Hebrew University
37 Tzvi Bentwich Medicine Hebrew University
38 Linda Ben-Zvi Theatre Tel-Aviv University
39 Michel Bercovier Computer Science Hebrew University
40 Ruth Berman Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
41 Devorah Bernstein Sociology Haifa University
42 Louise Bethlehem English and Cultural Studies Hebrew University
43 Anat Biletzki Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
44 David Blanc Mathematics Haifa University
45 Michael Brandeis Genetics Hebrew University
46 Erez Braun Physics Technion
47 Menahem Brinker Philosophy and Hebrew Literature Hebrew University
48 Yigal Bronner East Asian Studies Tel-Aviv University
49 Michal Broshi-Benlevy Ceramic Design Bezalel Academy
50 Jose Brunner Law and History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
51 Ido Bruno Industrial Design Bezalel Academy
52 Victoria Buch Chemistry Hebrew University
53 Ruth Butler School of Education Hebrew University
54 Raya Cohen Jewish History Tel-Aviv University
55 Yinon Cohen Labor Studies and Sociology Tel-Aviv University
56 Erik Cohen Sociology and Anthropology Hebrew University
57 Gerald Cohen Molecular Microbiology Tel-Aviv University
58 Maya Cohen Levi Animation Bezalel Academy
59 Leo Corry History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
60 Itamar Cwik Mathematics Hebrew University
61 Mike Dahan School of Government Interdisciplinary Center
62 Anat David Architecture Bezalel Academy
63 Bilha Davidson-Harad Social Work Tel-Aviv University
64 David Degani Mechanical Engineering Technion
65 Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi Institute of Contemporary Jewry Hebrew University
66 Daniel DeMalach Administration and Public Policy Sapir College
67 Avner De-Shalit Political Science Hebrew University
68 Its`hak Dinstein Electrical and Computer Engineering Ben-Gurion University
69 Fanny Doljanski Medicine Hebrew University
70 Daniel Dor Communications Tel-Aviv University
71 Dalia Drai Philosophy Ben-Gurion University
72 Tommy Dreyfus Education Tel-Aviv University
73 Otniel Dror Medicine Hebrew University
74 Zohar Eitan Musicology Tel-Aviv University
75 Gerda Elata-Alster Foreign Literatures and Linguistics Ben-Gurion University
76 Miri Eliav-Feldon History Tel-Aviv University
77 Yehouda Enzel Earth Sciences and Geography Hebrew University
78 Guy Even Engineering Tel-Aviv University
79 Aharon Eviatar Geophysics Tel-Aviv University
80 Ovadia Ezra Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
81 Ruma Falk Psychology Hebrew University
82 Raphael Falk Genetics Hebrew University
83 Emanuel Farjoun Mathematics Hebrew University
84 Ofer Fein Behavioral Sciences Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
85 Rivka Feldhay History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
86 Amos Fiat Computer Sciences Tel-Aviv University
87 Danny Filc Politics and Government Ben-Gurion University
88 Menachem Fisch History and Philsophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
89 Hanan Frenk Behavioral Sciences Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
90 Michal Frenkel Sociology and Anthropology Hebrew University
91 Gideon Freudenthal History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
92 Elizabeth Freund English Hebrew University
93 Ehud Friedgut Mathematics Hebrew University
94 Dov Friedlander Demography Hebrew University
95 Ariella Friedman Psychology Tel-Aviv University
96 Lyat Friedman Women's Studies Tel-Aviv University
97 Alon Friedman Health Sciences Ben-Gurion University
98 Iris Fry History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
99 Michael Fry Medicine Technion
100 Ofer Gal Philosophy Ben-Gurion University
101 Avraham Gal Physics Hebrew University
102 Chaim Gans Law Tel-Aviv University
103 Amit Gazit Theatre Haifa University
104 Amira Gelblum History Open University
105 Israel Gershoni Middle East Tel-Aviv University
106 Avner Giladi Middle Eastern History Haifa University
107 Haggai Gilboa Chemistry Technion
108 Simona Ginsburg Biology Open University
109 David Ginton Art Bezalel Academy
110 Rachel Giora Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
111 Snait Gissis History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
112 Eli Glazner Mathematics Tel-Aviv University
113 Shuka Glotman Photography Bezalel Academy
114 Daphna Golan-Agnon Law Hebrew University
115 Amiram Goldblum Chemistry Hebrew University
116 Oded Goldreich Computer Sciences Weizman Institute
117 Ofra Goldstein-Gidoni Anthropology and East Asia Tel-Aviv University
118 Neve Gordon Politics and Government Ben-Gurion University
119 Haim Gordon Education Ben-Gurion University
120 Charles Greenbaum Psychology Hebrew University
121 Lev Grinberg Behavioral Sciences Ben-Gurion University
122 Joseph Grodzinsky Psychology Tel-Aviv University
123 David Guggenheim Architecture Bezalel Academy
124 Ilan Gur-Zeev Education Haifa University
125 Yossi Guttman Social Work Haifa University
126 Ruth HaCohen Musicology Hebrew University
127 Uri Hadar Psychology Tel-Aviv University
128 Don Handelman Anthropology Hebrew University
129 Alon Harel Law Hebrew University
130 Galit Hasan-Rokem Jewish Studies Hebrew University
131 Yaacov Hasing Institute of Language, Literature and Art Hebrew University
132 Avraham Heffner Film Tel-Aviv University
133 Meir Hemo Philosophy Haifa University
134 Yitzhak Hen History Ben-Gurion University
135 Talma Hendler Medicine Tel-Aviv University
136 Hanna Herzog Sociology Tel-Aviv University
137 Ze'ev Herzog Archaeology Tel-Aviv University
138 Hannan Hever Hebrew Literature Hebrew University
139 Carola Hilfrich Comparative Literature Hebrew University
140 Peter Hillman Life Sciences Hebrew University
141 Ariel Hirschfeld Hebrew Literature Hebrew University
142 Yoram Hirschfeld Mathematics Tel-Aviv University
143 Reuven Horesh School of Business Administration College of Management
144 Julia Horvath Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
145 Udi Hrushovski Mathematics Hebrew University
146 Lance Hunter Art Bezalel Academy
147 Tali Itzhaki Theatre Haifa University
148 Eva Jablonka History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
149 Ronen Kadmon Life Sciences Hebrew University
150 Deborah Kalekin-Fishman Education Haifa University
151 Naftali Kaminski Medicine Tel-Aviv University
152 Shmuel Kaplan Industrial Design Bezalel Academy
153 Sam Kaplan Mideast Studies Ben-Gurion University
154 Steve Karlish Biological Chemistry Weizman Institute
155 Jacob Katriel Chemistry Technion
156 Tamar Katriel Communication and Education Haifa University
157 Anat Katsir Visual Communication Bezalel Academy
158 Uri Katz Biology Technion
159 Yaacov Kaufman Industrial Design Bezalel Academy
160 Shoshana Keiny Education Ben-Gurion University
161 Haggi Kenaan Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
162 Michael Keren Economics Hebrew University
163 Sharon Keren Ceramic Design Bezalel Academy
164 Hanan Kisch Geological and Environmental Studies Ben-Gurion University
165 Gil Klein Architecture Bezalel Academy
166 Aviad Kleinberg History Tel-Aviv University
167 Becky Kook Politics and Government Ben-Gurion University
# Name Faculty University
168 Nora Korin-Langer Social Work Tel-Aviv University
169 Vered Krauss Sociology Haifa University
170 Ilana Krauzman History Ben-Gurion University
171 Judy Kupferman Theatre Tel-Aviv University
172 Yehuda Kupferman French Tel-Aviv University
173 Orna Kupferman Computer Sciences Hebrew University
174 Raz Kupferman Mathematics Hebrew University
175 Ron Kuzar English Language and Literature Haifa University
176 John Landau English Hebrew University
177 Idan Landau Linguistics Ben-Gurion University
178 Yitzhak Laor Literature Tel-Aviv University
179 Hubert Law-Yone Architecture Technion
180 Herardo Leibner History Tel-Aviv University
181 Elia Leibovitz Physics Tel-Aviv University
182 Dafna Lemish Communications Tel-Aviv University
183 Micah Leshem Psychology Haifa University
184 Marylou Levin Jewelry and accessories Bezalel Academy
185 Daphna Levit Business Administration Ben-Gurion University
186 Yonata Levy Psychology and Medical School Hebrew University
187 Shimon Levy Theatre Tel-Aviv University
188 Nati Linial Computer Sciences Hebrew University
189 Joyce Livingstone Foreign Languages Haifa University
190 Orly Lubin Literature Tel-Aviv University
191 Jeanette Malkin Theatre Hebrew University
192 Bezalel Manekin Philosophy Bar Ilan University
193 Ruth Manor Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
194 Uri Maor Physics Tel-Aviv University
195 Anat Matar Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
196 Nina Mayorek Medicine Hebrew University
197 Ariel Meirav Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
198 Amnon Meisels Computer Science Ben-Gurion University
199 Paul Mendes-Flohr Jewish Thought Hebrew University
200 Nava Moran Plant Science, Rehovot Hebrew University
201 Stephane Moses Comparative Literature Hebrew University
202 Uzi Motro Life Sciences Hebrew University
203 Ben-Zion Munitz Theatre Tel-Aviv University
204 Pnina Mutzafi-Haller Desert Studies Ben-Gurion University
205 Doron Narkiss English Kaye College of Education
206 Gad Nathan Statistics Hebrew University
207 Hannah Naveh Hebrew Literature Tel-Aviv University
208 Judd Ne'eman Film and Television Tel-Aviv University
209 Joseph Neumann Biology Tel-Aviv University
210 Isaac (Yanni) Nevo Philosophy Ben-Gurion University
211 Anat Ninio Psychology Hebrew University
212 Yossi Nir Physics Weizman Institute
213 Adi Ophir History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University
214 Avraham Oz Theatre Haifa University
215 Nira Pancer History Haifa University
216 Ronie Parciack East Asian Studies Tel-Aviv University
217 Ilana Pardes Comparative Literature Hebrew University
218 Michal Parnas Computer Sciences Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
219 Iris Parush Hebrew Literature Ben-Gurion University
220 Adi Parush Philosophy Ben-Gurion University
221 Einat Peled Social Work Tel-Aviv University
222 Yoav Peled Political Science Tel-Aviv University
223 Nurit Peled-Elhanan Education Hebrew University
224 Shmuel Peleg Computer Sciences Hebrew University
225 Motty Perry Economics Hebrew University
226 Kobi Peter (Peterzil) Mathematics Haifa University
227 Amit Pinchevski Communications Ben-Gurion University
228 Yuri Pines East Asian Studies Hebrew University
229 Roni Pisker Theatre Haifa University
230 Tamar Piterberg Tel-Aviv University
231 Itamar Pitowsky Philosophy Hebrew University
232 Renee Poznanski Politics and Government Ben-Gurion University
233 Itamar Procaccia Physics Weizman Institute
234 Danny Rabinowitz Sociology Tel-Aviv University
235 Haggai Ram Mideast Studies Ben-Gurion University
236 Uri Ram Behavioral Sciences Ben-Gurion University
237 Zvi Razi Historay Tel-Aviv University
238 Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin History Ben-Gurion University
239 Amitai Regev Mathematics Weizman Institute
240 Raanan Rein History Tel-Aviv University
241 Elchanan Reiner Jewish History Tel-Aviv University
242 Tanya Reinhart Literature Tel-Aviv University
243 Itzik Rennert Visual Communication Bezalel Academy
244 Julia Resnik Sociology and Anthropology Hebrew University
245 Yaacov Ritov Statistics Hebrew University
246 Ilana Ritov Education Hebrew University
247 Danny Ritter Electrical Engineering Technion
248 Daniel Rohrlich Physics Weizman Institute
249 Freddie Rokem Theatre Tel-Aviv University
250 Vered Rom-Kedar Applied Mathematics Weizman Institute
251 Dana Ron Engineering Tel-Aviv University
252 Moshe Ron English Hebrew University
253 Avihu Ronen History and Philosophy Tel-Hai Academic College
254 Tova Rosen Hebrew Literature Tel-Aviv University
255 Henry Rosenfeld Anthropology Haifa University
256 Zeev Rosenhek Sociology and Anthropology Hebrew University
257 Sharon Rotbard Architecture Tel-Aviv University
258 Zeev Rotem Business Administration Tel-Aviv University
259 Ilan Saban Law Haifa University
260 Dalia Sachs Occupational Therapy Haifa University
261 Hannah Safran Women's Studies Haifa University
262 Michael Saltman Sociology and Anthropology Haifa University
263 Shlomo Sand History Tel-Aviv University
264 Avraham Schweiger Behavioral Sciences Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
265 Idan Segev Neural Computation Hebrew University
266 Rakefet Sela-Sheffy Culture Research Tel-Aviv University
267 David Senesh Criminology Bar Ilan University
268 Ruben Seroussi Music Academy Tel-Aviv University
269 Anna Sfard Education Haifa University
270 Aharon Shabtai Literature Tel-Aviv University
271 Eran Shadakh Behavioral Sciences Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
272 Ronen Shamir Sociology Tel-Aviv University
273 Benny Shanon Psychology Hebrew University
274 Edna Shavit Theatre Tel-Aviv University
275 Uzi Shavit Hebrew Literature Tel-Aviv University
276 Gideon Shelach East Asian Studies Hebrew University
277 Leon Sheleff Law and Sociology Tel-Aviv University
278 Yishayahu Shen Literature Tel-Aviv University
279 Yehuda Shenhav Sociology Tel-Aviv University
280 Orly Shenker School of Business Administration Academic Center
281 Nomi Shir Foreign Literatures and Linguistics Ben-Gurion University
282 Tuvia Shlonsky Literature Hebrew University
283 Nita Shochat English Hebrew University
284 Elana Shohamy Education Tel-Aviv University
285 Yinon Shrim Social Work Hebrew University
286 David Shulman Indian Studies Hebrew University
287 Menashe Shwed Philosophy Ashkelon Academic College
288 Dorit Shweiki Bio-informatics Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
289 Ivy Sichel English Hebrew University
290 Tali Siloni Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
291 Amy Singer Middle East and Africa Tel-Aviv University
292 Rosalie Sitman Foreign Languages Tel-Aviv University
293 Arie Sivan Architecture Bezalel Academy
294 Uzy Smilansky Physics Weizman Institute
295 Orly Soker Communications Sapir College
296 Zvi Solov Philosophy of Science Ben-Gurion University
297 Shammai Speiser Chemistry Technion
298 Wilfred Stein Biological Chemistry Hebrew University
299 Zeev Sternhell Political Science Hebrew University
300 Dani Szpruch Computer Sciences Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
301 Zvi Tauber Philosophy Tel-Aviv University
302 Morris Teubal Economics Hebrew University
303 Ilan Toren Theatre Haifa University
304 Dudy Tzfati Life Sciences Hebrew University
305 Amiel Vardi Classical Studies Hebrew University
306 Keren Viner Industrial Design Bezalel Academy
307 Vered Vinitzky Sociology and Criminology Hebrew University
308 Shula Volkov History Tel-Aviv University
309 Roy Wagner Mathematics Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
310 Bronek Wajnryb Mathematics Technion
311 Marcus Wasem Spanish Hebrew University
312 Joseph Weidenfeld Medicine Hebrew University
313 Barak Weiss Mathematics Ben-Gurion University
314 Paul Wexler Linguistics Tel-Aviv University
315 Mina Wilson Social Work Tel-Aviv University
316 Amnon Wolman Musicology Tel-Aviv University
317 Avital Wolman Philosophy Hebrew University
318 Menachem Yaari Economics Hebrew University
319 Haim Yakovy Architecture Bezalel Academy
320 Nitza Yanay Behavioral Sciences Ben-Gurion University
321 Eli Yassif Hebrew Literature Tel-Aviv University
322 Irad Yavneh Computer Science Technion
323 Oren Yiftachel Georgraphy Ben-Gurion University
324 Michael Yogev English Haifa University
325 Joseph Yonah Education Ben-Gurion University
326 Yuval Yonay Sociology Haifa University
327 Reuven Zehavi Jewelry and Acces. Bezalel Academy
328 Anat Zeira Social Work Hebrew University
329 Joseph Zeira Economics Hebrew University
330 Ofer Zeitouni Mathematics and Electrical Engineering Technion
331 Moshe Zimmerman History Hebrew University
332 Neta Ziv Law Tel-Aviv University
333 Moshe Zuckermann History and Philosophy of Science Tel-Aviv University

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